Emc Mortgage - General Information

The EMC Mortgage Corporation is a well known and reputed subsidiary of the popular J P Morgan Chase company. The acquisition of the affiliation in the month of March, 2008, made EMC Mortgage Corporation an integral part of the acquisition of Bear Stearns. The company is a residential mortgage banking company. The company profile flaunts specialty in acquisition, securitization and disposition of loans. EMC Mortgage Corporation invests in residential loans, as well as the purchase of sub-performing and non-performing loans.

The in house professionals also acquire the new non-agency loans for further execution. EMC Mortgage Corporation is located in Texas, in Irving and Lewisville. It was founded in the year 1990 and is completely owned and monitored as a subordinate company of The Bear Stearns Companies Inc. The latter was established in 1923 to deal with mortgage banking. The company flaunts a profile that displays chief services such as acquisition and servicing of residential mortgage loans. The Bear Stearns Company is renowned for financial services and fiscal assistance to the government, institutions and individual requirements around the world. EMC Mortgage Company has a history that goes back 15 years in the mortgage banking sector.

Over the years, the in house professionals have developed unique skills and a passion to make a success of every enquiry. The company's value profile is further highlighted due to expertise in delivering sub-prime and alt-A loans. EMC Mortgage Corporation is dedicated to ensuring that every genuine client is well equipped with the necessary information on residential loans and is offered the best investment options. The company is reputed for offering the best mortgage alternatives to clientele across the globe. The clients are treated with utmost sincerity at the EMC Mortgage Corporation and each residential mortgage plan is worked out in sync with individual requirements and budgets.

The company has been part of the fiscal business world long enough and has now generated innovative and dynamic loan options for clients from every sector. The loan modification groups are trained to keep legal proceedings at bay as much as possible and to ensure that no rules are violated in the process of acquiring a mortgage. EMC Mortgage Corporation flaunts its own team of in house real estate brokers who ensure the best services in the industry. The 24x7 accessibility online and offline offers every customer the satisfaction of getting all queries answered by the experts and dedicated guidance anytime. The company enjoys the good will of clients across the continents.

The versatility and flexibility of the residential mortgage services provided by the EMC Mortgage Corporation are unlike anything within the industry so far. Plans are carefully executed to avoid the regular rigmarole of documentation and missing links. The team ensures maximization of resources at hand and minimization of loss of precious time and energy. The company uses the latest technology to keep abreast with the developments in the market and optimize the use of important information. EMC Mortgage Corporation is committed to integrity and solidarity within a network carefully created to execute residential mortgages.